Brands and Story: Essential DAM in Transmedia & Cross Platform Content Creation

I’ll be moderating a panel in New York on October 7th about “Brands and Story” at the Createasphere Conference… I’m very excited about the topic and the terrific panelists we’ve got lined up!

Here’s the description from the conference schedule:

More than ever before, companies need solid DAM management in order to support the exciting, new creative opportunities that transmedia and cross platform storytelling and content creation provides. Hear the latest insights from top innovative creators and DAM specialists on how they’re engaging audiences and customers from both the creative and technical perspective. As DAM industry professionals, you’ll want to learn about how you can inspire your colleagues to think in new ways about media and asset usage in the marketing, media and entertainment industries.

Abigail Marks, Director, Strategy & Operation, OgilvyEntertainment
Caitlin Burns, Transmedia Producer, Writer, Starlight Runner Entertainment
Harold Moss, Founder and Creative Director, FlickerLab
Matt Doherty, Associate Director, Global Digital Creative & Strategy, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
Moderator: Alex Struminger, Senior Advisor on Internet Strategy, UNICEF, and Principal, Struminger & Company

More to come on this, as I am sure there will be some terrific ideas, lessons and anecdotes from the panel and the conference. I will be doing a short podcast interview with Another DAM blog’s Henrik de Gyor. We will be talking about Storytelling 3.0 and the role of media asset management technology in transmedia storytelling, as well as a support platform for co-creation networks. Stay tuned… I will post a link to the podcast here when it is released.

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Socializing DAM

Sharing innovation in the organization
The success of a digital asset management (DAM) or other collaborative technology platform depends upon system adoption within the organization. This article addresses the social aspect of system user adoption and maintains that ‘socializing’ a new technology is a key component to the long-term success of the project.

The Journal of Digital Media Management, vol. 1,2 published by Henry Stewart Publications, London.


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My article "Socializing DAM" published in the Journal of Digital Media Management addresses the impact of social networks within the organization on technology projects. Please click on the "download the PDF" button to get a free copy.