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Socializing technology platforms

    The idea of socializing technology innovations within the organization is not a new one. Although most project managers these days are trained in the modern version of the ‘clipboard and stopwatch’ kind of methods — often these days supported by

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      Facilitating a shared view of project success

        The first imperative to achieving success in any enterprise initiative with a diverse pool of stakeholders and users, whether it be a DAM or SharePoint roll-out, or a social media communication plan, is to create a shared view of success

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          Struminger interviewed by AnotherDAMblog

            Last year, after participating in a  panel discussion on “What are the phases of DAM?” at the Createasphere conference in New York, I was interviewed by Henrik de Gyor for Another DAM podcast. The questions asked were: -How are you involved

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              Socializing DAM
              Sharing innovation in the organization
              The success of a digital asset management (DAM) or other collaborative technology platform depends upon system adoption within the organization. This article addresses the social aspect of system user adoption and maintains that ‘socializing’ a new technology is a key component to the long-term success of the project.

              The Journal of Digital Media Management, vol. 1,2 published by Henry Stewart Publications, London.
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              My article "Socializing DAM" published in the Journal of Digital Media Management addresses the impact of social networks within the organization on technology projects. Please click on the "download the PDF" button to get a free copy.