Clients and Projects

a selected list of both current and previous clients and projects

Digital storytelling and communication

  • AARP, Inc. (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons): Co-producer of internal and external communications assets for AARP’s Multicultural Markets Engagement team.
  • United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF): Senior Advisor for Internet communication strategy

Information architecture and system design

  • AT&T: Project management, information architecture, design and development of data-driven Web applications (both public facing and intranet) for AT&T Creative Services.
  • Aventis (formerly Rhône-Poulenc Group), VACCESS Health: Strategy, information architecture, design and development of Intranet-based group collaboration system for vaccine retail business.
  • Barnes & Noble Inc., B&N Publishing: Design and development of Intranet MIS system.
  • CitiGroup. Application and reporting development for Corporate Real Estate Services group.
  • EuroRSCG: Information architecture consulting for Intel’s Web site (
  • Pfizer: Technical project management of architecture and hardware sizing for enterprise search engine platform integrating across multiple enterprise and legacy data systems.
  • Press4, Inc: Technical project management of architecture and development for commercial interactive voice response/automated speech recognition (IVR/ASR) application
  • Rhode Island School of Design: Information architecture, design and development of custom Web CMS publishing technology.
  • United Nations Children’s Fund: Enterprise search engine technology and taxonomy management systems procurement, design and deployment.
  • Virilion: Architecture and technical design of global Youth collaboration and media Web site, including CMS, Web asset integration, resource support and Web 2.0 assets.

Technology procurement and integration

  • RAND Corporation: Strategy consulting and product selection of enterprise Web CMS, as well as IT support model and process reengineering.
  • United Nations Children’s Fund: Technical evaluation of vendor RFP responses for enterprise Web CMS and e-Commerce fundraising platform.
  • United Nations Children’s Fund: Enterprise digital asset management (DAM) system procurement, design and global deployment. Facilitated key stakeholder involvement including IT, Communications and international business partners.

Writing, analysis and presentations

  • Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting): Design, analysis and information presentation for best-practices surveys, published in “executive reports” by Andersen’s Pharmaceutical practice.
  • City University of New York: Curriculum design and development of “Internet Technologies Education Program” for CUNY’s Center for Internet Software Design and Development (CISDD).
  • US Department of Commerce: Evaluation of RFP response proposals for Technology Opportunities Program.


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Socializing DAM

Sharing innovation in the organization
The success of a digital asset management (DAM) or other collaborative technology platform depends upon system adoption within the organization. This article addresses the social aspect of system user adoption and maintains that ‘socializing’ a new technology is a key component to the long-term success of the project.

The Journal of Digital Media Management, vol. 1,2 published by Henry Stewart Publications, London.


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My article "Socializing DAM" published in the Journal of Digital Media Management addresses the impact of social networks within the organization on technology projects. Please click on the "download the PDF" button to get a free copy.